Field Operations & Programs

Field Operations and Programs

The Field Operations and Program Committee’s purpose is to listen to volunteers input, review program policy initiatives, and recommend change where appropriate to HOBY’s Board of Trustees. This special committee is comprised of HOBY Board of Trustees members, key leader volunteers and staff. Please contact the chair if you have a question or comment about the HOBY organization or its programs.

Volunteer Members

Russell Tanguay, Jr., Chair
Contact the Field Operations Chair

  • Connor Brady, North Carolina East, At Large Member
  • Dustin Blankenship, West Virginia, Region O
  • Sarah Burke, Iowa, Region H
  • Sydney Clifton, Maine, At Large Member
  • Marcus Edwards, World Leadership Congress Chair
  • Joshua Ford, Board of Trustees
  • Katherine Friedlander, New Hampshire, Region B
  • Michael Forst, Training Institute Chair
  • Steven L. Hall, Board of Trustees Chair
  • Sydney Kamen, Board of Trustees
  • Barry Meneghelli, Florida Mid, Region Y
  • Tisha Morey, Board of Trustees
  • Kelly Morrison, Washington DC, Region B
  • Sedley Tomlinson, Arkansas, Region Y
  • Russ Tanguay, FOP Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Matt Vlies, Illinois, Region O



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