College Aid Planning

A college education is the dream and the next step for most HOBY Ambassadors. But since 1989, college costs have risen over 400%, putting that dream out of reach for many. The cost of a 4 year degree averages between $25,000 - $60,000 per year, making financial aid a necessity for most families.

The Department of Education says that 91% of all financial aid forms submitted have at least one mistake on them, which often disqualifies an applicant from some aid consideration. This could mean the loss of thousands of dollars annually and be the difference between going to the school of your choice, settling for another college/university or attending college at all. 

We're with you from start to finish, from when you sign up until you have committed to your college on May 1st.

That's more than 6 months of counseling:

October - December 2014

  • Early Action / Early Decision
  • CSS Profile
  • EFC Planning
  • FAFSA First Submission

February 2015

  • File Tax Return For 2014 (File Electronically)

March 2015

  • IRS Data Retrieval To Update FAFSA
  • Request Tax Transcripts From IRS
  • Dependent Verification Worksheet
  • IDOC (Private Universities)

April 2015

  • Acceptance Letters
  • Award Letters
  • Appeals / Reevaluation
    • Wrong Amount Of $ Given By School
    • High Medical Expenses
    • Loss/ Reduction Of Income
    • College Visit(s)

May 2015

  • National Commitment Day

Please Note: HOBY ambassadors receive a discounted rate of $550 per application year, that's over $400 in savings!

HOBY’s CAP program provides assistance to families and Ambassadors through the college financial aid process. In partnership with Premier College Guidance, we will take you through the web of financial aid process, ensuring the necessary forms are completed in a timely and accurate manner.

Our team consists of former advisors who worked in the office of financial aid for California universities and college advisors who have helped individual families navigate the many obstacles in the way of receiving college aid.

CAP Services Include:

  • Guidance from our expert team from start to finish to help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • Determining your Expected Family Contribution.
  • Suggesting how to reduce your annual cost.
  • Assistance completing all financial aid forms on-time and accurately.
  • Reviewing financial aid awards to ensure you receive the amount you are eligible for.
  • Holding webinars every two weeks to discuss your action plan, counsel you on next steps, answer questions, give details on specific financial aid policies and your desired universities, and keep you ahead of all deadlines.

This incredible service we are introducing to our HOBY families has already helped hundreds of families make a college education accessible. And we are able to provide this service for a fraction of the cost of other professionals.

Top 11 Mistakes Families Make

Thinking the college financial aid office will teach you how to tap in to their grants/ scholarships.

Not filling out financial aid forms because you think you do not qualify (TIP: Every family qualifies regardless of income or assets).

Making simple mistakes on the financial aid application.

Using Net Cost Calculators online and assuming they are accurate.

Assuming the first financial aid offer a college provides is final.

Attending a college that gives financial aid one year, only to reduce it every year after.

Including retirement accounts as part of the family net worth.

Having a 529 plan to pay for college.

Placing assets in the child’s name.

Not knowing the difference between academic aid/ need based aid/ loans and what your colleges will offer.

Relying on a FAFSA night at your high school to provide all the answers.

Avoid costly mistakes and get timely help. Enroll in CAP Today !

For more information please contact:

Trevor Mizrahi
Certified College Planning Specialist
HOBY College Planning
818.851.3980, Ext. 312

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Please Note: This program is open to the first 220 of our Ambassadors and their families and is offered on a first come first served basis.



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