Send a HOBY Hug

A hug means more than you think...

Scientific studies have shown that people who are regularly hugged by their close family and friends have:

  • More upbeat moods
  • Reduced heart rates
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased nerve activity
  • Reduced levels of cortisol (a stress hormone. When cortisol dips, there’s a surge of two “feel good” brain chemicals, serotonin and dopamine).
  • Increased levels of the hormone oxytocin (a hormone which promotes bonding).

For those times you can't HUG, HOBY has a solution.

With just a $5 donation, HOBY will email a HOBY HUG from you to whomever you wish.

It's easy. It supports HOBY Programs and it makes your friends and family just as happy as a real hug *! (it also makes a great gift)

Plus, it has immediate delivery!

Send a Hug

*not scientifically proven, but pretty likely ;)



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