Volunteer Recognition

HOBY’s success is a direct result of the hundreds of volunteers who serve key leadership roles on its corporate boards and program committees.

HOBY proudly recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of its affiliates and volunteers throughvolunteer achievement awards. Key volunteers in the positions of Corporation President, Leadership Seminar Chairperson, Alumni Advisor and CLeW Director are invited to apply for an award in each of their categories in July. In addition, all volunteers are encouraged to nominate individuals for the HOBY Volunteer of the Year Award, presented to two volunteers selected by a committee of peers. Special certificates are also awarded.

Below is a listing of the 2016 award winners. HOBY is grateful to all of the men and women who generously contribute their time, efforts, talents and enthusiasm to make HOBY’s leadership programs for youth possible.

Download the 2016 Award List to find out more about the winners (PDF)

Download more information about the HOBY Award Categories (PDF)

Volunteer of the Year Awards

Two volunteers are recognized annually as HOBY’s "Volunteers of the Year." Applications are taken through a formal nomination process and recognition is given based upon years of service, contributions to HOBY, nominator’s written comments, and other community service involvement. Recipients are announced at the annual volunteer Training Institute.

Allison Poss, Iowa

Tammy Kesner, West Virginia

Download a list of past Volunteer of the Year Award winners (PDF)

2016 Anniversary Certificates

Certificates are awarded to the Leadership Seminars celebrating their 35th anniversary

  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Wyoming

2016 Outstanding Leadership Seminar Program Book Award

  • First Place: Texas Far West
  • Second Place: New York East
  • Third Place: Ohio South

2016 Outstanding Website Award

  • First Place: New York West
  • Second Place: Washington
  • Third Place: New Hampshire



2014 Volunteers - Years of Service

10 Years of Service

  • Aysha Khan
  • Faequa Khan
  • Jacqueline Lonning
  • James Lunsford
  • Alison Lyder-Norton
  • Wade McIntyre
  • James McLaughlan
  • Meghan McLellan
  • Cooke Ryan Metzger
  • Christine Miloro
  • Alexa Moore
  • Amber Morelli
  • David Morrison
  • Christopher Norris
  • Christina Onpeng
  • Steven Poole
  • Amber Przybysz
  • Vivian Quan
  • Rebecca Reidy
  • Evie Scogin
  • Christopher Shelly
  • Sonya Shipley
  • Erika Sylvia
  • Melissa Taylor
  • Melvin Thomas
  • Aide Vallejo
  • Kristin Vargas
  • Amber Voss
  • Tracy Wertheimer

15 Years of Service

  • Ryan Anderson
  • Heather Beamesderfer
  • Rodney Burgamy
  • Roderic Burrill
  • Sarah Clayton
  • Courtney Decker
  • Bo Gebbie
  • Katherine Johnson
  • Orlaina Johnson               
  • Anton Konev
  • Cassandra Kurtz               
  • Holly McKenzie
  • Patricia Phillips
  • Brittney Pinkerton
  • Justin Schooley
  • John Tuttle

20 Years of Service

  • John Butler, Jr, Esq.
  • Trisha Daugherty
  • William Dunham Jr.
  • Ametisha Morey
  • Heather Scoville
  • Enrique Vallejo
  • Ronald Vero

25 Years of Service

  • Robert Clancy
  • John Swartwout 

30 Years of Service

  • Carol Applegate
  • Patrick Daniel Burk



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