What is Founder’s Day?

The HOBY Founder’s Day Campaign is a volunteer-led 30-day fundraising campaign that brings together alumni, volunteers, parents/guardians, HOBY HQ staff and Board, and all other HOBY stakeholders from all over the globe to celebrate Hugh’s legacy and further our mission as an organization.

The campaign consists of one month of content sharing via social media, connection, and celebration to energize our external audiences and generate donations via our online fundraising platform.

This will be the third year of our largest and most inclusive fundraising campaign, bringing in funds for HOBY affiliates, seminars, and/or alumni organizations in celebration of 65 years of HOBY!

Download the Founder’s Day Information & FAQ to learn more.

How Can I Participate?

HOBY affiliates, seminars, alumni organizations, current and past volunteers, alumni, HOBY staff, Board of Trustees members, and all other HOBY stakeholders can participate as Team Captains or Team Fundraisers. All participants will be supported with resources and training (see the sections at the bottom of this page) throughout the campaign.

Team Captains

Team Captains will serve as the CEOs (Chiefs of Enthusiasm and Optimism) for their teams! Your team might be made up of volunteers from your affiliate, seminar, or alumni organization; friends you’ve made through HOBY over the years, alumni from your HOBY seminar year; or local supporters excited to help you reach your goal. Team Captains will build their own teams of individual fundraisers and then encourage, inspire, and empower them to meet the team’s fundraising goal together.

  • Step 1: Sign up to fundraise here 
    • After entering your information and clicking “Become a Fundraiser”, click “Join or Create Team” to create a team for yourself and your fellow fundraisers.
    • All Team Captains will receive a follow-up email from HOBY HQ to confirm your chapter/affiliate information and fund allocation.
  • Step 2: We’ll create your team page and email you once it’s ready to go!
  • Step 3: Have your teammates sign up under your page by selecting “Join My Team”
  • Step 4: Start fundraising! Send your network of friends, family, alumni, and others your donation link, text code, or share your page directly through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Team Fundraisers

Team Fundraisers can be anyone! You do not have to be an active HOBY volunteer or alum to participate. If you have a network of peers you are willing to reach out to and share your story with, you can be a Team Fundraiser. 

  • Step 1: Go to our fundraising platform and click “Become a Fundraiser”
  • Step 2: Fill in your name, mobile number, and email
  • Step 3: Click “Join or Create a Team”
  • Step 3: Join whatever team you’d like – all funds raised will be allocated to that team


  • Step 4: Select “Personalize My Page” to join the general campaign – all funds raised will go to HOBY!
  • Step 5: Start fundraising! Send your network of friends, family, and others your donation link, text code or share your page directly through Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Training Videos

Campaign Resources

Media Toolkit

Fundraising Guidebook

Donor Cultivation Guide

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